Custom cat furniture. Everything is clawsible.

Welcome to our Store!

Welcome to our Store! We crazy cat moms and dads don't need a special occasion to get our kids awesome stuff. In their short but sweet lives, they deserve only the finest things! So if you're looking for cat scratchers that are aesthetic, usable, tried and tested, and definitely safe, you've come to the right place. Check out our quality cat scratchers below!

"My cat immediately jumped on it and won't let us touch the pad. Thank you!"


"I really am so surprised how long these lasted. Sometimes I stand on it because I'm intrigued by how sturdy it is."


"I got my cat sofa the day after the payment. Seller was very nice to talk to. The packaging was really nice and the cardboard sofa looks better in person! High quality!"


"I got 2 Lounge Chairs for our cats. The design is chic and neutrally toned - will blend in with the rest of your furniture. The size allows cats to get a full stretch whether they're lying down or scratching the toy. The quality is superb! Love the tailor fit paper box too!"


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As their most important employee, I can vouch that the Purrniture.Ph team is a dedicated group of animal lovers and rescuers. They find joy in giving cat purrents many clawesome gifts to choose from, and then channel any profit towards rescuing strays like me!